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Welcome to the Morrison Boxing Club


We are a USA Boxing Sanctioned Gym and a Not-For-Profit Organization Registered with the State of Arkansas

You will find information about our boxing club and events we are sponsoring here. There are more than 17 pages and videos to be found here by clicking on the titles in the opening page banner. We welcome you to comment at the end of each page and questions can be asked using the Contact Form located below.

We are on Facebook @ Morrison Boxing Club, please like us!

Our club is located in Maumelle  at 14721 Overstreet Rd. adjacent to US Route 40.

Google Maps has our location marked on it’s map. We are on Overstreet road at the Rt 100 and Rt 365 split. Turn onto Overstreet Rd. toward Rt. 40 at the Kum&Go.

For more specific information about our club not found in these pages please call Head Coach Nader at 240-538-1858 or use this Contact Form below to ask questions or offer comments.


The front of the gym:

The side of the gym facing Interstate Rt 40:


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The storm/tornado of 5/30/13 destroyed the new building but we have rebuilt entirely. If you are curious there are some pictures of the damage done by the tornado to the new gym on the tornado pics page.

85 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Chris Hall says:

    what are your hours and do you give a discount to law enforcement

    • We have no policy currently in place to offer discounts to law enforcement. However, we would be willing to discuss the issue with you.
      Update as of 8/1/2015: We now offer active duty military personnel and law enforcement officers a 10 % discount on any membership.

      • Candice Guiden says:

        My 9 year old son is interested in attending boxing classes, is there a trial.? And how much would it cost if he were able to attend.?

  2. Dane says:

    Hello… Can I just receive training and not compete ? 59 y/o and looking for the best way to get in shape.


  3. jackie says:

    Hi my name is jackie i have a 12 yr old daughter that i would like to be given bixing lessons to. Do u guys give lessons ir do u know where i could take her to have lessons? Thanks.

    • Your daughter is classified as a Junior boxer. Our juniors train on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 until 10:00 am. We would be happy to work with your daughter. Come by and see what we’re doing. If she is interested she can try it out for three days at no cost.

  4. Yes come by and train with us any day we are open. We offer three days training free.

  5. raynelle says:

    Hello im 25 and will love boxing lesson this will be my first try what all do I have to do to start

    • You are a senior so your training options are Monday through Thursday 6:00-8:00 and Saturday mornings 10:30-12:00. So “what do you need to do to start”; come by the gym any day, wear suitable training clothes and shoes (NOT running shoes or work boots) fill out our waiver and start your free three day introduction to boxing.

    • Randy says:

      I was 25 when I put on my first pair of boxing gloves. Like you, I just wanted to get into shape, and learn to box. It was at the Roseville Youth Center (?). A small guy about 5’4” and 125lbs said he would spar with me to see what I knew. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my butt, looking up and wondering what happened. That was my introduction to boxing and Bobby Holderfield. Bobby was ranked by Ring Magazine as the #6 Bantamweight in America. I was about 185 lbs. Less than a year later I was the Outstanding Open Jr. Middleweight in the Central Golden Gloves Tournament and then RunnerUp in the state tournament (fight was stopped due to a cut in the first round.

      Anyway, I say all of that to say this……People May tell that at 25 you are too old…..NO YOU ARE NOT. Don’t listen to naysayers. Listen to yourself.

      Good Luck

      Randy Brookman

  6. Afraz says:

    Can I try it out and see how I like it before I pay or commit to anything.

  7. Marilyn Johnson says:

    My 12 year old grandson is visiting us some this summer and would love to have some lessons. Is there a registration form or do we just show up on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday to take advantage of the 3 free lessons? What is the physical address of the facility?

    • Hello Mrs. Johnson, Thank you for calling about the three day free introduction to our gym and boxing. Re the registration form. The only paperwork we need is a waiver. Since you have brought this to my attention I will put the waver online here at our site. Thank you for the feedback.
      Coach Nader

  8. Artez Brown says:

    I’m a former Arkansas state football player who’s always wanted to do boxing for good cardio and defense. Just wanted to know if it would be fine if I dropped by and see how I liked it and possibly get a membership.

    • Of course! You are welcome to come by and take advantage of our “Three Days Free” offer. There is no need to schedule your days, just come by and train with us Monday – Thursday beginning at 6:00 pm.

  9. Keith says:

    question: With a membership, and the times slated for adults M-T 6-8 and S 930-11, can you train any days?, or as much or less as you want in those slots? Reason i ask, is I travel and work alot of weird hours, so i am wondering how that will play in my scenario. Thanks

  10. jacob chambers says:

    Hey I’m 16 an would like to get in to boxing for the summer but ithe says 1t an up have to give a 1yr commitment but I will only be here for the summer can we work something else out

  11. Sydney says:

    What all do you need when you show up for the first class? Do you need to bring your own gear?

    • If you have your own equipment bring it. If not you my use our gear. If you have no boxing experience it is best to use our equipment, do not go to a sports store and buy anything! The large majority of gear sold in chain sports shops is not adequate for training in a “real” gym. Buy your own gear after you see what is needed.

  12. KEM. says:


  13. Angela morrison says:

    Do you guys travel across the USA boxing
    For 12-13 year olds?

    • If we have a true contender in the Prep divisions we would travel. However travel costs in the prep divisions is not supported by USAB or the local association so the cost of travel and hotel falls entirely on the athlete. Because I am part of the administration at most national events I am able to attend (and coach) at no cost. That still leaves a substantial burden on athletes/parents.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Hey my name is Jon I’ll be 18 soon and id love to learn to box and maybe get to compete. I was wondering if there are any one on one personal classes that u have or trainers for hire for just one person

    • Hi Jon,
      Personal training can be arranged but that option is NOT the most productive training scenario. We have trainers/coaches that work with all of our boxers at every session. You would not really get more benefit from training by yourself. In fact you NEED other athletes to help you develop your skills not just coaches. Each athlete is instructed at the level they have achieved. Our gym is a traditional boxing gym. Training is not organized as a “class” such as you find in yoga, fitness or dancersize classes. You are not limited to practicing skills you have already mastered or trying to perform skills/techniques that you are not ready for as you would be in a “class”. You will move along the path from beginner to competitor at the pace you are able to handle using the “Goldilocks” principle. (not to hard, not too soft, etc).
      Please come by the gym and take a look at what we do any day Mon-Thurs beginning at 6:00 PM. Then actually give it a try. We offer three days of training at no cost so you can see how everything works.

  15. What are your details, i.e. weight, height, experience … number of bouts, Time of day you are available to train, when in Nov you will box etc. Your cost will depend on the number of days, intensity/length of training, number of sparring partners needed etc.

  16. Mackenzie Peirce says:

    I’m wanting to sign my 7 year old son up for boxing classes. What are the days and time of week he could attend? And is it still $40 a month?

    • USA Boxing membership begins at age 8. USAB provides our liability insurance so we are bound by USAB’s limitations. If your son begins to train at age 7 he can not engage in any type of contact training; no blocking drills,no sparing etc. He can still hit the bags, shadow box, work the speed and double end bags but in order to learn to box an athlete must actually box so his progress will be limited. Yes… Junior dues are still $40/month.

  17. Jovon says:

    Do you guys have any professional fighters? Or fighters who went professional? Also I want to compete never boxed, I’m 22 I will be 23 November 2nd. Am I too old to even try and go pro. And how long does it take to go pro or do it all depend on me? Of course I would have to
    Do amateur fights first. Sorry I got so much question, but do I have to go to the Olympic to even go pro?

    • Yes, we have trained boxers to the pro world championship level and we have a few pros in the gym.
      However that means little to you because boxing is an individual sport. The level you achieve is entirely up to you.
      It is impossible to say if you can be a successful pro regardless of how old you are or when you started training.
      It is impossible to say how long it will take you to reach (if ever) elite status (pro, Olympics, amateur worlds, etc.)
      No, you do not need to be a Olympian to turn pro.
      Yes you should compete at the amateur level…. if you can’t beat the amateurs you certainly can’t beat the pros.
      You should come to the gym and try it out for three days. No cost or commitment.

  18. Adam Kemp says:

    Are the prices for your dues still the same

  19. No, we don’t have a 155 Female ….. or any female even close.

  20. Warrie Morgan says:

    My son is 9 years old and would like to come Saturday. DO I need to notify you in advance or just show up?

    • No you do not need to notify us. To avoid delay in your son’s starting with the other kids please download and complete the training waiver (found on the banner) and bring it to the gym. Also please arrive at 8:45 am (15 minutes before the scheduled start of training) so I can wrap his hands.

  21. Daveg says:

    would like to come and give your gym a try. Hopefully tomorrow .Do I just need to show up?

  22. Joshua durst says:

    Hi my names josh and I’ve always been into boxing but never thought we had gyms around ar and I’d love to give it a shot and see what it’s like, my personal cell is 5016071889 I’m 18, 5’10, 189lbs

  23. Jon grantham says:

    that’s a good price for membership! I will be at your building very soon getting the membership. Also do y’all do competitions?

  24. Jeff wood says:

    Hello I am 15 years old but I am a feather weight at 70 pounds and 5 foot tall and would like to train and box others competitively

  25. Ronnard Toney says:

    Are the dues still the same price

  26. Vince says:

    Can a 12 yr old take boxing lessons?

  27. Jim Hickman says:

    I would like to thank Allen and Phillis Nader for their orientation to the Club. Im a older person with some boxing experience and looking for a place to practice and learn. The Morrison facility has a good layout and well equipped with bags, various training equipment, ring and space to move about. It was obvious that this was a Gym/club for a serious boxing experience and training.
    I would recommend MorrisonBoxing to those who want to learn to box or wanting to develop new skills.

  28. Gerry Allen says:

    What’s the earliest age you will take kids

    • Per USA Boxing regulations a boxer must be at least 8 years old to join USAB and spar or compete. We will accept a younger person (6 or 7) if they are physically and mentally developed enough to benefit from the training but they may not do any contact training; neither sparring nor contact drills. Many younger children do not have the attention span or neurological development to make much progress in acquiring the skills needed to box. If the sport’s demands are too great the child will become frustrated and not enjoy participating. If you wish, you and your kid can come by and take a look at what we do and if appropriate your child can try it out for three sessions (at no cost or commitment). At that time we can discuss joining the club.

  29. Chris sanders says:

    Is that Tommy Morrison? Just curious. Would like to come check out the place. I’m 48 have a coworker 25 I’m getting up there but we would still utilize the same hrs correct?

    • No the gym was founded by Bill Morrison. He’s not related to Tommy. We have active members that range in age between 8 and 72. Adults (16 and older) train Monday – Thursday from 6 to 8 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to Noon. Come by any day to check us out. Please come by a little early if you would like to try out our gym; 3 sessions free with no cost or commitment.

  30. Cecilia Cano says:

    My daughter would like one on one lessons, do you have those? She is a 12 year old and it’s her first time.

    • Hello Ms. Canao,
      We do not recommend private lessons for Juniors (age 8-15). The early stage of training is primarily about balance, foot work, and the biomechanics of developing striking force. One on one training does not speed the development of these skills. Each child in our junior sessions is afforded as much attention and coaching as they can absorb. In terms of cost/benefit ratio private lessons for non-professional or non-elite amateur boxers are not worth the cost.

  31. Ty says:

    Is your Little Rock location still open? What is the Junior training schedule there?

    • Hello Ty, We have only one location; Maumelle. Juniors train Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00-10:00 am.
      There is complete information about our club available heere. Click on any of the links found on the opening banner and you will be taken to that page. The links appear in white on the banner.

  32. David Beauchamp says:

    What’s the youngest you train? I have a 4 yr old who has been doing gymnastics for the last two years and looking to transition her for confidence. I would also be joining for a good workout.

  33. Clint Henderson says:

    Hey, I’m 19 years old almost 20 been out of shape since HS, I want to get in shape and compete in boxing at a high level. Is the the gym that I need to go to?

    • We are a competitive gym but only you can decide if we are the gym for you.
      Adults and Teens Ages 16 & older train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 to 12:00
      As shown on this web site, we offer a prospective member a “Three Days Free” intro to the gym and boxing with no cost or commitment. We strongly encourage all to take advantage of the offer. Boxing is not for everyone and not every gym is right for every person the intro lets folks know exactly what is involved.
      You may come by the gym and observe any training session or come and start the introduction. The trial offer is completely open, and you do not need to make an appointment.
      If you are going to try out the introduction to boxing you should wear a pair of flat shoes (not running shoes or boots), a tee shirt and pair of shorts.
      Do not buy anything boxing related for the intro. We supply hand wraps and gloves and the offerings of a retail sport store are not of sufficient quality to be used in a “real” gym.
      Please come 15 minutes early if you will train. There is a waiver that you must read and sign before you can participate, and I’ll need to wrap your hands.

      Allan Nader,
      Head Coach at Morrison Boxing

  34. Jaskaran singh says:

    Hey. I just wanted to know if I could spar with my brother at your club. And how much are the fees?? Thank you

  35. Ron Bivines says:

    How much would it cost for lessons. I just wanna learn for now.

  36. Aaron says:

    I’m 16 and I want to learn how to box mainly just to get in shape. If I came to this gym, would I have to learn in a class, or could I do 1-on-1 lessons?

    • We do not recommend private lessons. The early stage of training is primarily about balance, foot work, and the biomechanics of developing striking force. One on one training does not speed the development of these skills. Each person in our sessions is afforded as much attention and coaching as they can absorb. In terms of cost/benefit ratio private lessons for non-professional or non-elite amateur boxers are not worth the cost. However the basic workout is not in a class format. After the warm-up and stretch portions each boxer is given instruction on the things they are working on. There are easier ways to get in shape than boxing. Our gym is focused on competition …. we’re not a “boxercise” studio. Yes, you will get in shape but you will also learn to box here.

  37. Brittney says:

    I have a 13 year old son . Is he eligible to get a memebership and do you have trail sessions that we can try out

    • Yes we have sessions for his age group Tuesday, Thursday at 5:00 – 6:00 PM and Saturday at 9;00 – 10:00 AM. We offer a three day intro to our gym and boxing at no cost and no commitment to join. you do not need to make an appointment simply show up about 15 minutes prior to the start of any session, fill out a waiver and let me wrap his hands and give him a pair of gloves that will fit. Please do not buy anything boxing related for this intro we supply everything needed. The quality of goods available at a retail sports store is insufficient for use in a “real” gym and cost of anything available is roughly %50 higher than is available through us.

  38. Michael Mangrum says:

    Hi I have a daughter that’s 7yrs and my son is 5yrs old. Are there any type of boxing in Little Rock for there age?

    • Hello Mr. Mangram,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The Morrison Club is a certified USA Boxing facility. A prospective member of must be at least 8 years old to join USA Boxing. An athlete who is not at least eight years old not eligible to join and is limited to noncontact training. Our club is a non-profit, so we are not seeking members to simply bring in their dues and we strictly adhere to USAB’s safety guidelines and rules.
      Boxing is an exacting sport and youngsters must have developed neurologically and have enough attention span to benefit from training. If the child is not well developed in these areas the experience will be very frustrating. To continue training in boxing you must enjoy it and feel that you are making progress. In my experience a five-year-old has seldom reached the required level of physical/mental development to enjoy training.
      Your seven-year-old daughter may be advanced enough to benefit from boxing training (girls do seem to mature sooner than boys). However, she will not be able to do any contact training until she has reached her next birthday.
      The early stages of training do not include contact sparing. That said, you cannot learn to apply the skills you practiced through shadow boxing and bag work without sparing. (You can only do what you practice.)
      I cannot gauge your daughter’s capacities without seeing her work in the gym. So, I’ll not say she’s too young to participate sight unseen. I suggest that you bring your children to the gym and take advantage of our “Three Days Free” offer. After seeing them in action I’ll be better able to offer an opinion on their developmental stage.
      Regarding availability of training in other gyms; I cannot say what their policies are.
      If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at this email address.
      Allan Nader,
      Head Coach, Morrison Boxing

    • Yes we have sessions for his age group Tuesday, Thursday at 5:00 – 6:00 PM and Saturday at 9;00 – 10:00 AM. We offer a three day intro to our gym and boxing at no cost and no commitment to join. You do not need to make an appointment simply show up about 15 minutes prior to the start of any session, fill out a waiver and let me wrap his/her hands and give them gloves that will fit. Please do not buy anything boxing related for this intro we supply everything needed. The quality of goods available at a retail sports store is insufficient for use in a “real” gym and cost of anything available is roughly %50 higher than is available through us.

  39. Kenneth Payton says:

    Does Freddie “The Pebble” Jackson train individuals at your gym? If not, where is he located at in Little Rock? Thank you.

  40. Joslynn Frazier says:

    Are there any adult boxing classes offered?

  41. Donavon Barkley says:

    I am 27 and needing a way to release all pent up what ever it is. I’m wondering how much it is to join, I’ve taken some classes in my teenage year. Thinking it might be a good idea for my two son eventually as well. Thank you for your time and my condolences to Mr. Morrison. I’ve personally had the honor to watch him fight. He will be missed.

  42. Matt says:

    What is the cost of training?

  43. Raymond Campbell says:

    Are yall free still or have to pay monthly

  44. Tavian says:

    Hey I’m 23 and am interested in boxing my grandpa did mma when he was younger and was teaching me some things and it was honestly the best year or so of my life I feel as if I could be really good at combat and am willing to do whatever to get there so I wanted to know if this is a boxing gym for fitness only or would I eventually be able to enter events and tournaments also what’s the prices hope to hear back and thanks for your time

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