Facility & Equipment

We have 3,00 square feet of space including a full sized competition ring and all of the equipment needed to train at the highest level.

This is the reception and sign in areaIMG_3030The pics below are views of our ring

IMG_3037IMG_3032We have ten punching and kicking bags including four 170 lb heavy bags, a 100 lb. bag hung in the ring, Ring hung bagtwo types of uppercut bag, a Hook/Headhunter bag and two 6′ tall Thai bags.

IMG_3033IMG_3041IMG_3040We also have four adjustable speedbag racks and assorted speedbag sizes

IMG_3031IMG_3036Our specialty equipment includes two freestanding Body Opponent Bags (BOB), Battle rope and two adjustable double end striking bags as well as a selection of jump ropes in various lengths and weights.

Double end bagsIn addition the gym boasts more than forty feet of full length mirrors for shadow boxing.

IMG_3035We also offer a wide selection of bag gloves, sparing gloves, mitts, protective gear of all types which members may use at no cost until they choose to buy their  own personal equipment.


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Come by and take a look. You are welcome to train with us at no cost or commitment for three days to really see what its like at Morrison Boxing Club!


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  1. Shannon Earnest says:

    Do you have a program for a 5 year old boy? He has been taking MMA at Westside but I would like to get him into boxing also on top of that. He loves contact Sports.

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