Local Event Weights & Bout Rules

This information has been issued by: Angel Villarreal, Supervisor of USAB Events, AIBA Technical & Rules Commission Member

AIBA has changed a number of rules heading into the 2020 Olympic cycle both in the Technical and Competition rules area of the sport.  These are the rules that will affect us at the National level that can be implemented immediately at the LBC level.

One of the most important pieces is that we as a National Federation can now alter the AIBA Technical and Competition rules to reflect our LBC / Grassroots needs as long as the changes do not compromise or diminish the rules especially when it pertains to the safety of the boxer.

Attached below in PDF format you will find a new and updated Appendix “F” “Rules at a Glance” that will be the only guide allowed for making matches at the LCB level for all club shows. Appendix F, clearly dated 11.17.17, is the current appendix all others versions of Appendix F, Rules at a Glance are null and void and should not be used.

APPENDIX “F”, Rules For LBC Local Level Match Making Only – These rules are not applicable for tournaments. 

Guide for Matched Bouts 11.17.17

Rules at a Glance has already taken into account all the new rules changes and has made the adjustments needed.  One of the big changes will be that Men’s Elite boxers will no longer be able to box without wearing a head gear at the local level even if both agreed to the bout.

The use of 16 oz. gloves are now approved for all categories as long as they are “USAB Masters boxer approved gloves.”

Rules at a Glance has been formatted with first and foremost the safety of the boxers in mind.  It was developed to be very inclusive, allowing liberal match making at the local level for all involved from Prep to Elite in both men’s and woman’s categories.


·       In all Elite Men’s & Woman’s, Youth Boys & Girls the bouts will all consist of 3-Rounds of 3 minutes in duration.

·       The use of 5 Judges, with all five judges’ score cards counted to determine the winner of the bouts.

·       Judging from all 4 sides of the ring. (see Officials PowerPoint for FOP set up )

·       Revert back to using the verbiage RSC in place of TKO, use RSC-Injury instead of TKO-Injury and the word “Abandon” is replacing the word “Retirement” which used to be a TKO.

·       For all Elite men’s bouts not wearing headgear with hair extending below the neckline, a hair net or any other item must be worn to contain the hair.

·       If a boxer receives an intentional head butt or illegal blow which did not cause an injury or a cut, the Referee will give a WARNING to the offending boxer deducting one (1) point per judge, or may disqualify the offending boxer if action is deemed serious enough to warrant disqualification .

·       If a boxer receives an intentional head butt or illegal blow which causes an injury or a cut, the Referee must DISQUALIFY THE OFFENDING BOXER.

·       Low Blow rule – The change being to reflect the wording that reads the Referee MAY give a warning after the low blow instead of the word MUST.  After a Referee issues an 8 count because a boxer stops boxing and is complaining that they were hit with a low blow the Referee will have the discretion to either warn the offending boxer or not.