Morrison Boxing Club is a non-profit corporation and your dues cover the cost of operation and maintenance for the gym. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers.  We believe that we offer the best training at the lowest cost of any comparable facility in Arkansas.

We offer adult and teen memberships at $60/month. We also offer a Junior program at $40/month. Dues are monthly with no contract. These dues cover your training as either a Competitive Boxer or a Fitness Boxer. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Dues are payable by cash, check, or money order.

In gratitude for your service, we offer a 10% discount for active-duty military personnel and law enforcement officers.

Adult and Teen Memberships: Ages 17 and above
Monthly $60.00,
(Twelve-month membership dues payable in a single payment of $600.00)

Family memberships: Additional members of your family may train at a reduced cost.
$40.00, per each additional teen or adult family member

Junior Olympic/After School Membership: Ages 8 through 16
$40.00 dues payable monthly
(Three months membership $100.00 single payment)

22 Responses to Costs

  1. Arron Tapp says:

    I couldn’t find anything on the website but what do the different levels of membership include for adults? I am interested in boxing but like to know what level would be best for me. Thank you!

  2. Candies Warren says:

    I am wanting to sign my 11 year old up for classes starting in December if possible. Do I need to come to the facility and register him? Can I pick the days for practice?

    • Hello Ms Warren,
      At 11 YO your son is in the “Junior Olympic” class; ages 8 through 14. The youth or “JO” training is scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 am to 10:00 am. We encourage prospective club members to come to the gym and watch a training session. If what you see is what you expect then we ask that your young man try it out by training with us for three sessions. That three day trial is at no cost to you. The three day trial will let your son know what he’s getting into. Boxing training is not what he may think it is and boxing is not the right sport for everyone. Regarding practice days; that is up to you although working out less than two days a week will not allow him to develop the “muscle memory” needed to actually box. As he progresses he can join the more advanced members in the 6:00 to 8:00 pm sessions if he wishes.

  3. DWarren says:

    Do you have to commit

    • Yes you will need to commit to training regularly if you want to learn to box. The length of time you commit to is age dependent and the cost varies according to the number of months you select. Take a look at the page you are commenting on.

  4. Laura Gassaway says:

    Hi , my name is Laura Gassaway and I am very interested in this program for my twins, Sam and Evan. They are 12 and hadn’t really found themselves in a particular sport yet are interested in this type of discilpline. When would be a good time to stop by and check the place out?? Thx. Email 501-734-9897

    • Your sons’ age group trains Tues and Thurs at 5:00 pm and Sat at 9:00 am. You can come by to observe any of those days Please come by a little early if they would like to try out our gym; 3 sessions free with no cost or commitment.

  5. Sasha loper says:

    My 15 year old is interested in boxing. Would we be able to watch a session or him participate to make sure it’s what he’s bargaining for?

    • Yes you are welcome to watch at any time. However, we recommend that any prospective member take advantage of our “Three days free” offer to actually experience the difficulty of boxing and to see if what we offer meets your needs….. No cost … No obligation. Your child’s age group trains Tuesdays, Thursdays 5-6 pm and Saturdays 9-10 am.

  6. Raynelle maxwell says:

    Hello I’m 29 years old looking for a boxing class never did it before …also looking to get in shape what are the days to train and hours

  7. Kanisha says:

    I’m 29 and I want to learn to box. What are the classes and hours for me ?

    • Dues are $60/month with a one year commitment, $70/month with a 6 month commitment, $80/month with a 3 month commitment.
      You should give it a try by doing our “Three sessions free” intro to boxing and our club.

  8. Michael Pruitt says:

    I’m a fighter if i pay this money will i have sparring competitions. And how many more the better

    • Hello Michael,
      You say you are a fighter but you are not a member of USA Boxing, Arkansas Association. To spar you must be a registed boxer with USA Boxing. How old are you? Where do you train? Have you been registered in another state and has your membereship lapsed? If so what is your won/loss record?

  9. Teresa says:

    Good morning. I am interested in receiving lessons for my 14 year old. He has not taken lessons before therefore would be a beginner. Please advise.

    • Everyone; beginners and advanced boxers are encouraged to take advantage of our “Three Days Free” intorduction to boxing and our club. Not every coach is the best coach for every athlete. Boxing is not actually what most folks think it is. What you see on TV is the end product of years of traing and is not representative of training in the gym. Many folks decide that the effort required to learn the art/science of boxing is simply not worth the effort. He should try us out before making a committment.

  10. Teresa says:

    How do we sign up for the ‘3 days free’ training?

  11. Either download the waiver and bring it to the gym or complete a copy of the waiver at the gym. No appointment is needed. Simply show up about 15 minutes early. Bring $5.00 cash to purchase a pair of hand wraps, and wear some appropriate workout clothes and shoes.

  12. Shelby says:

    What days, time and age groups are the junior work outs?

      Adult and Teen Boxers: Ages 17 & older
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
      Saturday 10:00 am-Noon
      Junior Olympic Boxers: Ages 8 to 16
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:00 — 6:00 pm
      Saturday 9:00 — 10:00 am
      (Parents are welcome to train with their children.)
      Non-competitive Boxers: (no age limit)
      Train at any session.

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