See a typical youth workout at Morrison Boxing

We start with three rounds of rope jumping.

IMG_3208After the boxers are thoroughly warmed up they move on to stretching and calisthenics

IMG_3209IMG_3210Then the boxers move on to shadow boxing in our mirrors to help perfect their punching mechanics, footwork, positioning and  defensive skills.


Following a few rounds of shadow boxing the boxers move on to heavy bag work to develop their ability to strike hard, maintain their balance, distance and ability to move to a good striking position.

IMG_3217IMG_3218IMG_3220Each athlete will also work on precision punching using our Body Opponent Bag (Bob as we call him)

IMG_3213After power punching and targeting boxers will work on developing endurance and speed using the speed bags and double end bags

IMG_3221IMG_3227[1]IMG_3226[1]We always close the training session with strengthening exercises such as twisting sit-ups