Gear Needed to Box

What to bring to the “three days free” sessions:

If you are planning to attend our “three days free” introduction to boxing you do not need to have your own equipment. All you need is a pair of shorts or sweats, a tee shirt and a flat pair of shoes (not running shoes or work boots) such as actual tennis shoes, basketball shoes, cross trainers, Converse “Chucks” or other shoes suitable for lateral movement. Wrestling shoes are not really a good choice either. Do not go out and buy boxing gear of any sort until you have used some of our equipment. If you do have equipment do bring it.

We have a variety of equipment to use at no cost:

The club offers a wide selection of bag gloves, training gloves, jump ropes and assorted training equipment for use by our members at no cost. However, while not required, it will benefit you to have your own personal gear.

Some of the equipment you may use at no cost

How to buy your own boxing gear:

Please do not purchase equipment from a general sports gear retailer! Their offerings are not really adequate for sustained use in a “real” boxing gym. We do offer a wide selection of equipment that will fit properly and is of the highest quality at a substantially lower cost than anything available locally or on line. If we don’t have what you are seeking we will offer advice about your selection based on our long experience with on line dealers and their equipment.

“Its not about the gear. Its about the boxer!