Our coaches are USA Boxing members, trained and certified as boxing coaches by USA Boxing, and must pass a Sexual Abuse and Molestation background check yearly. Each coach is certified by the US Olympic Committee in their Safe  Sport program and has completed training in the CDC’s concussion program.

Founder: Bill Morrison of North Little Rock is a native of Little Rock and has lived here most of his life. Bill has been coaching since 1993 and sees coaching as a way to give back to the youth of Little Rock. Bill has coached two boxers to the pro World Championships. In the amateurs, he coached boxers to the Golden Gloves, Silver Gloves, and USA Boxing National Championships. Sadly, coach Bill has passed away. he will be sorely missed.

Head Coach: Allan Nader of Maumelle is a coach certified at USA Boxing Level IV and he is also certified as a level III Official. As an active coach since 1971, he’s trained boxers to success at the pro World Championship level and in the amateurs has sent his amateur athletes to the Pan American games, Goodwill Games, and World Amateur Championships as well as Golden Gloves Nationals, Junior Olympic Nationals, Silver Gloves Nationals, PAL National Championships, and USA Boxing National Championships. Several of his athletes have represented Team USA internationally. Allan is Vice Chair of the USA Boxing National Tournament Committee and has served as Committee Chair and US Championship Tournament Director for five of the last ten years and as Vice Chair for an additional six years. He is also a long-time member of USA Boxing’s Women’s Task Force and has been a strong advocate for the inclusion and equality of women and girls in all levels of boxing competition both in the USA and abroad in AIBA competition.

Mr. Nader also has an extensive background in both traditional and competitive martial arts with instructor status in Shōbayashi Shōrin-ryu karate, and black belt status in Shotokan and Tae Kwan Do styles of Karate and has achieved Nidan status in Aikido under Sensei Mitsugi Saotome and Dr. Ralph Singer. Coach Nader also has extensive experience in competitive Judo. Mr. Nader is well-versed in modern martial arts such as sport kickboxing having fought as both a pro and an amateur. He is one of the founders of the AKF (Amateur Kickboxing Federation). He is a Coach and Official certified by KICK International and has served as a regional representative of KICK, the International Olympic Committee’s recognized National Governing Body (NGB) of amateur kickboxing and mixed martial arts in the USA and has a strong competitive and coaching background in this area.

Assistant Coach: Phyllis Nader is a level-one coach. Phyllis has completed her coaching certification process and is now working in the gym. She concentrates on the youth division but is also very involved in training for girls and women. Phyllis is also a certified USA Boxing Official. She has been trained as a judge, timer, and referee.

11 Responses to Coaches

  1. Brittany Jackson says:

    i am interested in your junior after school program for our 9 year old son, but there is no contact info for your staff on this page. Please email me– when would be a good time to come by and check out the gym, talk about registration, etc? thanks.

    • Thank you for your inquiry Ms Jackson.
      Junior Olympic boxers (ages 8-15) train Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:99 to 10:00 am.
      You and your son are welcome to stop by and observe or he can actually train with the JOs on those days (our three days free offer).
      There is no need to schedule your visit. However if you would like to speak with me (Coach Nader) please feel free to call me at 240-538-1858.
      BTW there are many pages of information on our site, perhaps not well organized, and the “About Morrison Boxing” page contains our phone info as well as a lot of information about our club.

  2. Moriah King says:

    Trying to do boxing but I would like a one on one g trainer if you have one?

    • First question is; why do you want one on one training?
      We do not recommend private lessons. The early stage of training is primarily about balance, foot work, and the biomechanics of developing striking force. One on one training does not speed the development of these skills. Each person in our sessions is afforded as much attention and coaching as they can absorb. In terms of cost/benefit ratio private lessons for non-professional or non-elite amateur boxers are not worth the cost. However the basic workout is not in a class format. After the warm-up and stretch portions each boxer is given instruction on the things they are working on.

  3. Joe says:

    I’m interested in taking classes from someone if possible…

  4. Jody Jones says:

    I just want to learn the techniques and do the workouts I’m 5’3 218 and I’m trying to get to 160-170. I just had a daughter I plan on putting her in this same training when she get older but it has to start with me. I’m pretty sure we all grew up on just fighting and rushing while fighting that’s not organized. I want us both to know organized fighting

    • Jody Jones says:

      And is one on one training possible ?

      • Hello Ms. Jones,
        Thank you for visiting our website.
        One-on-one training is not particularly helpful in the early stages of boxing training. A person must have the time to observe themselves without the interference of the coach to process the instructions already given. Having someone “breathing down your neck” can be very off-putting. Although since COVID arrived our senior sessions are very small so you may be one of only 2 or 3 boxers and depending on the day you could be the only person training.
        As seen on our club’s website we offer all prospective members a “Three Days Free” introduction to boxing and our club. We strongly encourage giving the intro a try. Boxing is a sophisticated and complex sport and many folks discover that it does not suit their goals and “is not worth the effort” after the introduction reveals the level of difficulty inherent in learning technically correct, effective boxing.
        If you have additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at
        Allan Nader,
        Head Coach
        Morrison Boxing Club

    • You will be welcome in our club. Not everyone trains to compete. However, the training is the same for all except for non-competitve boxers who will not have contact, i.e. sparring.

  5. Abigale says:

    I’m a 25yo woman, I’ve never boxed in my life but have a great interest in it for the exercise and the sport itself. I’m anxious about starting so late in life and I’m wondering if I begin, will I feel out of place and weird being around so many experienced people? How are the newbies like me integrated into the classes?

    • Yes, you will feel weird, however, “If you are not willing to look stupid you’ll never accomplish anything outstanding.”
      There are people with a range of skills, from rank beginners to accomplished boxers in the gym. We don’t have any women training at the moment. But I welcome women and girls. They are as a group, much more coachable than men and boys. We offer a “Thfee Days Free” intro to boxing and our club. Come try it for yourself.

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