Adult and Teen Boxers: Ages 16 & older

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am — Noon

 Junior Olympic Boxers: Ages 8 to 16

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:00 — 6:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 — 10:00 am

(Parents are welcome to train with their children.)

Non-competitive Boxers: (no age limit)

Train at any session.


  1. Hey! I have about a year of off and on experience under my belt and would like tp get back into it now that I’ve finished school. Does the $60 memebership allow me to come in several times a week to train with someone or is it just one training session once a week?


  2. lipstick.and.scrubs says:

    Visiting from out of town for two weeks. are there any personal training sessions and how much?

    • We do not recommend “personal training” I find that they do not provide a reasonable cost/value return for the participant. However, you are welcome to train with us for the couple of weeks you are here. We normally charge $10 per session for visitors but we can work out your actual costs based on the number of sessions you want to attend.

  3. Candies says:

    I would like for my school to join the junior Olympic boxing but he will only be able to do Saturday because I don’t get off till 530 during the week, will this be an option?

  4. kconnor11989 says:

    You have individual session pricing?

    I am interested in attending only saturday sessions, however, do not see value in monthly membership if only attending less than 4 days per month. Any alternatives?


    • We do offer a punch card alternative;10 sessions at $100. The card gets punched each time you train and you may train at any session. In your case that would mean 10 Saturdays.
      Coach Nader

  5. Lindsey says:

    Hi there. I have a 9 year old son who is interested in boxing. I see according to your training session schedule, his days and times would be Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 and Saturday from 9-10. I just wanted to confirm this schedule is still correct as we would be coming from White Hall and 5 would be tough to swing but just wanted to check.


    Hi. Are you guys opened? I’m wanting to put my son in! He’ll be a junior

  7. Raynelle says:

    hi Looking to Join the Adult boxing class where do i start or how can i sign up

    • We recommend that all prospective members try out the “Three Days Free” introduction to boxing and our club.
      Club membership for a Senior is $60 per month. If your goal is to spar and/or compete you must join USA Boxing. The annual fee for a USA Boxing membership is $68.00.

      The only way to decide if our gym is the right place for you is to try it out. We offer a “3 Days Free” introduction to the Sweet Science of boxing and our gym. You won’t be a boxer after the intro but you will know what you are getting into.

      Our introduction to the club and boxing is free, with no cost, and no commitment. The sessions need not be consecutive. The three free sessions will teach you how to throw a jab, a straight right (or left), basic stance and footwork, and basic defense. You will get an appreciation of the difficulties inherent in learning to box (boxing is probably not what you thought). No appointment is necessary, simply arrive at the gym ready to train.

      Our hours are;
      Seniors, age 17- adult
      Monday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
      Tuesday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
      Wednesday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
      Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
      Saturday 10:00 am – Noon

      Club members may train at any or all sessions.

      The “3 days free” offer has a few requirements:
      1. If you do not currently own hand wraps please bring $5.00 cash to buy a pair from us, do not buy them at a retail sports shop.
      2. Wear appropriate shoes, i.e. Bball, cross trainers, Tennis, Skaters, Old School Chucks, etc. NOT running shoes. If you have actual boxing shoes wear them. Wrestling shoes are not appropriate.
      3. Wear appropriate clothes i.e. shorts & a tee-shirt, sweats or a tracksuit equivalent.
      4. If you have gloves bring them but do not buy gloves, retail sports dealers do not offer quality goods needed for use in a “real” gym … we have loaners for your use during the introduction.
      5. You must complete a “Hold Harmless” waiver and a brief medical history. You may download the form from our website or fill it out when you come to the gym.
      6. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the “hold harmless” waiver and let me wrap your hand(s).

      If you have additional questions please reply to me at this email address.
      Thank you,
      Allan Nader
      Head Coach, Morrison Boxing Club

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